Buying a House in France

Many UK citizens have already set up home or are investigating the possibility of moving to France, either permanently, or for extended holidays.

In the past, the destinations most often considered for emigration tended to be the countries of the 'New World' (i.e. the USA and Canada), and Australia and New Zealand. In the last sixteen or so years, this has changed, principally because these countries now have much more restrictive immigration policies and in addition offer far fewer work opportunities than used to be the case.

The drawing together of the countries of western Europe into the European Union has led (some say forced) Britain to be part of a consolidated Europe at the expense of particular historic relationships with the North American continent and more especially with Australasia. The inevitable result is a stronger focus on European countries by those from Britain wishing to live and work abroad.

Not only are immigration procedures throughout the EU relatively simple for any EU citizens, compared with North America, but European countries, unswamped by anglophone expatriates offer the British a more rewarding, grass roots experience of living and working in another country than the USA or Australasia might have done.

If you are a UK citizen, France is a logical choice for you to consider for working, retiring or buying a holiday home abroad. The physical link of the Channel Tunnel has made France seem even closer to Britain. The likely result of this easier access is that many UK citizens, who had previously never thought of it, will become aware of the new opportunities being offered by the EU for work and business, or a holiday home, or retirement and will seriously consider moving abroad.


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